Nanotrix Edutech: Fun STEM Education in Nigeria.

Nanotrix Edutech trains kids ages 5-18 on Lego Robotics, Coding and Electronics.
We form specilized STEM clubs in schools (Primary and Secondary)
and undertake home training(onsite and online).

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About Us

Welcome to Nanotrix Edutech

Nanotrix Edutech was born out of a passionate commitment to address the growing need for a comprehensive and enjoyable STEM education for kids. Nanotrix Edutech trains kids ages 5-18 on Lego Robotics, Coding and Electronics.

Our services are currently been engaged by major primary and secondary schools in Rivers state(Port-Harcourt) where we form the Nanotrix robotics and programming club.In addition, we also undertake home training(onsite and online).

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Nanotrix robotics club in Bishop Okoye

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster creativity and innovation in science and technology throughout Nigeria. Through our range of services, including training, mentoring, and coaching, we empower young individuals in the exciting fields of Robotics, Electronics, and Computer Programming (coding).

Why Choose us

  • Experienced and qualified instructors
  • Comprehensive STEM curriculum
  • Hands-on learning approach
  • Engaging and interactive classes


Nanotrix Edutech runs the following STEM packages.

Students in Cita building robots using Lego EV3 kit

Lego Robotics

LEGO robotics training is a great way for kids to learn about STEM concepts in a fun and engaging way. LEGO kits come with all the parts kids need to build their own robots, and they also include software that allows kids to program their robots to do different things.

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Nanotrix coding class in session in Shell Club Port-Harcourt


Coding is simply giving instructions to a computer intended for a particular outcome. Website, softwares, games and phone applications are made through coding. It is a valuable skill to have in today's world, as more and more jobs require some level of coding knowledge.

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Electronics is a branch of science that deals with the study of electrons. It is a vast and complex field, but there are many aspects of electronics that can be made accessible to kids. One way to introduce kids to electronics is through simple circuit kits. We use the Elenco snap circuit.

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Client Reviews

We don't have any regrets working with Nanotrix Edutech. Their services have been amazing. We enjoy their promptness, dedication and innovation. I look forward to more fruitful years of engagement.

Mr. Obinna Anike

Principal, Cita High School

Nanotrix Edutech have been working with us for two academic sessions till date. Their scheme of work is impacting our learners, our students and pupils have showed mastery and proficiency in coding and robotics.

Also, our parents have been wowed seeing their kids present what they have learned. As a school, we look forward to more impactful, innovative and fun-filled activities for the next academic session 2023/2024.


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