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Nanotrix Edutech was born out of a desire to fill a need in education; a need to provide a true, comprehensive technology education in a fun and stress-free environment. We seek to bring creativity and innovation in science and technology in Nigeria. We offer training, mentoring and coaching to young people in Robotics, Electronics and Computer Programming (coding).
Our services are currently been engaged by major schools in Rivers state where we form the Nanotrix robotics and programming club. In addition, we also run after school STEM classes, home tutoring in STEM (particularly robotics and coding) and summer holiday classes.

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Popular Courses


Our unique electronics package equips children and teens on the basic principles guiding the flow and control of electrons in a circuit and also the design and building of electronic projects



Robotics is gaining momentum with parents, kids and in many schools worldwide. This program will introduce students on how to design, build and program robots.


Computer Programming

This platform will teach students on how to write simple and relevant computer programs using programming languages like Python (for teens), RobotC and Scratch.


Why Choose Us

Our STEM curriculum will excites and ignites your kids while they explore STEM in a way they never knew existed before. By learning coding, electronics and robotics, students experience how learning math and other science subjects can help them build fun, amazing, and useful things. Our classes in Nanotrix Edutech is project based, so students engage in the deepest forms of learning while they build their unique creations and explore their creativity. Please see our "Why STEM?" page to understand why it is important for your child or teen to begin to learn STEM now for his or her future.